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CEO Message | Welcome to the Butterfly Community

What is community?

Being part of a community means being a part of something greater than you.

It’s about sharing, growing and opening up to who you are and what you believe in.

Traditionally there are many definitions which define what a community is, but what is the real heart of a community?


I would like to suggest that community shares purpose, direction and a commonality of belief systems which are based on a shared experience which is real, authentic, genuine and grounded in connectedness.  This is our desire at Dementia Care Matters for all people.  As human ‘beings’ there is an innate sense within our core spirit which desires to connect with likeminded people.

Community = a group of people that care about each other and feel they belong together.

When we consider our community approach we have some really key elements that make The Butterfly Community special.

“A group of people”: there is a connection between us and a shared humanity amongst us all.  Togetherness is important, we learn from each other, we share a lived experience where our reality intertwines with the group in our Butterfly Community and moreover we create a new reality through our shared experience as a group. In the end, we are talking about real humans with real lives, real stories, real hopes, real dreams and a passion to make a real difference in ageing society, one which is grounded in freedom, hope, love and truth.

“that care about each other”: this is our core spirit. We share a dream and care about the end goals we are striving to create.  The Butterfly Community are not just random strangers, we share experience and common belief systems which unite us regardless of where we are in the world.  We are a group of people bonded by our relationships in ‘Being a Butterfly’ and advancing culture change.  We care, not only about the cause and ‘The Butterfly Movement’, but more importantly we care about each other. This is the magic of a community. Because we care, we also trust each other and respect the great tapestry of diversity among us to enhance our own lived experience as well as creating the future art and magic of being in sync with each other. Trust unlocks collaboration, sharing, support, hope, safety and much more. That’s how together we can make a difference, it takes a community of people to disrupt current attitudes of thinking and that disruption is created by caring for and about each other.

“feel they belong”: communities address one of the most fundamental human needs: we want to be loved, we don’t want to be lonely and we want to know that we belong somewhere. This is the core spirit about ‘Being Real’.  Love and belonging are synonymous. Real communities give us this sense of belonging, the sense of family, the sense of “shared opinions”. This community is a place of refuge, it’s our tribe, this is where we belong. In this group, I am being accepted for who I really am.

“together”: a community gives people a sense of shared identity. We are together, we are many, but we are one. The sum is bigger than the individual parts and we are all important, valued and together we stand and support each other. This shared identity matters, because moments in life matter. It turns strangers into trusted peers despite not having an individual in depth relationship and knowledge of every individual in The Butterfly Community, there is trust.  Why? because we share the same identity together through The Butterfly Community.  Together we are taller, stronger and better than we are on our own.

Welcome to The Butterfly Community.  Together we will inspire, challenge and encourage each other to be better the future by disrupting the present.   

Be a Butterfly, Be the change.

Best, Peter Bewert.

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